How to Uplift Your Space with Colour...

Colour therapy dates back to ancient Egyptian solarium rooms, lined with tinted windows for the sun to shine through and provide therapeutic benefits. In the late 50's, US scientist Robert Gerard conducted a study that proved colour can influence our perceptions and emotions. Since then, colour has been used strategically in everything from marketing, to competitive sports. Modern day chromotherapy, or colour therapy practitioners believe it triggers electrical impulses in the brain that stimulate hormonal and biochemical processes, waking up the body’s innate healing process. 

Whether chromotherapy resonates with you or not, there’s no denying colour transforms the mood and energy of a space. While we’re all indoors, we can utilise the power of colour as a way to ground, find peace and lift the spirits. It doesn’t take much; a few cactus silk cushions, a throw or a new rug is enough to shift the whole vibe. Here’s a few ideas to inspire you: 

For Energy

Yellow is said to clear mental fatigue, uplift and energise. Adding natural vegetable dyed cactus silk cushions to a space is an easy way to bring the clarifying energy of earthy yellows into a lounge or bedroom. To play off the yellow, orange is another energising colour that’s said to stimulate the liver and kidneys, increase mental energy and foster courage. 

For Grounding 

In both marketing and Feng Shui, shades of brown like burnt umbers and deep ochres are universally considered to evoke a sense of reliability, strength and nurturing. Reflecting the colour of the earth, it’s no surprise brown is the colour of grounding that brings feelings of warmth, comfort and security to a space. For those that want to subscribe to Feng Shui principles, practitioners recommend using brown sparingly, to avoid being too grounding as it’s believed to create a lack of ambition or drive.

For Calming Nervous Tension

It’s well known that blue is the colour of peace and calm. It’s associated with all your favourite watering holes in nature, the ocean, rivers and lakes, the places we go to reduce nervous tension. Aside from provoking calm and peace, blue is recommended for the office, since it’s thought to increase productivity and suppress the appetite — both pretty handy while in Iso. Deeper, electric blues (think stormy indigo seas) are associated with energy and strength. 

Uplifting the Spirits

Pink is acknowledged as powerful enough that some prisons dress their inmates in pastel pink to calm them, while sports teams paint the opposing team’s locker room in it to keep them passive and less energetic. This speaks to the power of pink hues to influence our mood with feminine qualities of nurturing and compassion. It’s the colour of self acceptance, self love and joy, making it a good one to lean on in times where you feel like you need nurturing.  

Intuitive Colour Therapy 

The way we perceive colour is also influenced by our personal experiences. Some therapists work by asking you to choose the colour you’re drawn to first, since people tend pick the colour relating to the chakras they need to unblock. Tuning into your internal wisdom and choosing the colour you’re most drawn to at this moment in time, might be the best way to invite the energy that’ll serve you most in a space.