Courtney + Babes

Sleep, Essential Oil Roller


Sleep: Fractionated coconut oil, lavender, vetiver, cedarwood, roman chamomile essential oils.

An all natural sedative that soothes and relaxes the body and mind for a deep, lush sleep.

HOW: Apply to wrists, back of neck, soles of feet. Massage in and inhale the scent. Take some deep breaths and focus on the aroma of the essential oils.

C+B Roller Blends are 10ml pre-diluted essential oil blends for many different physical ailments and emotions. I've hand selected and tested combinations to assist you with symptoms. The essential oils are diluted with fractionated coconut oil so they're safe to use on children 6 months + and can be applied as often as needed as they're completely natural and safe. Depending on how often blend is used they can last anywhere from 1 month - 1 year. 
Any blend containing clary sage or marjoram should not be used during pregnancy.

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