Bordeaux Candles

Bordeaux Soy Wax Candle 2.8kg


Soy Wax Candle  2.8 kg

Capri (Watermelon)

Bali (Lemongrass & Lime)

Amite (Lychee & Peony)

Lotus Flower (White Lotus & Patchouli)

Havana (Coconut Mango Papaya)

French Pear

Island Bay (Coconut & Lime)

Jersey (Vanilla Caramel)

The 2.8kg Deluxe candle is a statement piece in any home. Hand poured into a beautiful over-sized glass vessel and set with 4 cotton wicks to ensure a long lasting even burn.

Candle care is essential to achieve maximum candle life.

Burn time: up to 280 hours

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