Urban Road

Reed Ceramic Vessel


Reed Ceramic Vessel - With a more traditional shape, this timeless white ceramic vessel features dual looped handles on either side, with an overall textured look, giving it an organic, natural feel. Its simplistic nature means it will make a great addition to most interior styles, either with a blooming bouquet or handful of pampas grass, or on its own as an accent piece on your tabletop, desk, or bookshelf.

Product dimensions: 19cm high x 11cm length

Urban Road has curated this beautiful assortment of decorative vessels, offering a fresh take on traditional vessels with contemporary, abstract designs. Many of these vessels consist of hybrid designs, acting as vessels for tapered candles, as well as for greenery like delicate flowers or dried grasses.

All of these ornamental vessels can also stand proudly on their own as statement centrepieces in any space, bringing an organic, earthy energy to your home or office. From clean, symmetrical shapes to unique sculptural designs, no two are the same. Each vessel in this collection is carefully crafted using either transparent coloured glass, or modern white ceramic.

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