The Luxuriate

Candle Insert Jardin


Fresh Cut Flowers

Top: Orange, Tomato Leaf, Galbanum, Blackberry, Herbaceous, Artemisia

Heart: Floral, Acacia, Lily of the Valley, Rose

Base: Sandalwood, Vanilla, Cedarwood

The first flowers of the spring move in the fresh breeze, clean air stirring the leaves of a seaside garden on the Riviera. The golden warmth of acacia and delicate brightness of lily of the valley mingle with the wind fresh off the sea, echoing on rosy chateau walls. The sun-warmed fragrance of cedar wood, fresh roses gathered in tanned arms. Memories of a hundred springs and summers, glittering parties and languid seasons of escape, gather and are renewed every year with the fresh blooms. A celebration of life, the sweetness of fresh-cut flowers, a garden growing wild, emerald green.

Ingredients: A refined proprietary coconut and soy blend wax, signature perfume & double cotton wicks

Wicks should always be trimmed to 5mm each time before lighting & centred after each burn if they have moved.

Dimensions: 3.9" H x 3.9" W x 3.9" D

Size: 320g, 11.2oz, 60 hour burn

Made in Australia

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