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Vintage Boujad - 290x160 CM B

  • $900.00
  • $2,800.00

One of a Kind, Vintage Moroccan Rug

Measures: 290x160 CM

Pile Length: Medium/Short Pile

Material: 100% Moroccan Berber Wool. 

Condition: This beautiful rug has an rectangle outline marking on it which can be seen in the pictures. It is a vintage piece and we can assume it had a piece of furniture on top of it. We did not even notice this for some time until we took pictures outside so we do not feel it detracts from it's overall look and feel the look would be minimal if flat in an area such as a lounge room with a coffee table etc. This has been priced accordingly.

All of our Moroccan rugs are completely unique, one-of-a-kind handwoven pieces sourced directly from the Atlas Mountains of Morocco by our expert team. Ages range from 30-70 years old unless stated otherwise.