How do I take care of Cactus Silk cushions?

The Cactus Silk used to make our amazing cushion covers is custom-made especially for us by artisans in Morocco, but maybe you’ve never heard of it – so let us tell you what exactly is Cactus Silk and how it is used to create the fabric used in our covers.

This incredible fabric - Cactus Silk, is also sometimes known as Sabra Silk. It is loomed by hand from the fibres of the Agave Cacti – or Saharan Aloe Vera – found in the Sahara Desert, to create a textile with a distinctive, silky touch. 

The process used requires a great deal of skill but creates a very strong and also sustainable fabric.  The leaves of the Agave Cacti are crushed and then soaked to disperse the fibres, before being coloured with natural, vegetable dyes of course.  This is a process that creates a strong and sustainable – as well as beautiful – fabric, which is also vegetarian. The fabric is then ready to be spun by hand into a fine thread using traditional methods with no chemicals – a process that requires a great deal of skill.

Our beautiful Cactus Silk cushions covers are then dyed in our signature colours. They’re free from any unnatural elements and no chemicals are used to fix the colour.  Finally, an extra wash gives that soft-hand feel, before the covers are completed with stunning, intricate, hand-stitched embroidery, meaning that every single one is a ‘one of a kind’ and takes great expertise.

Did you know…. the cushion covers are dried and naturally faded on the rooftops of Morocco in the heat of the sun for at least two to four weeks? There is a lot of time and patience involved. The result is that they are faded out to perfection.

You’ll find a stunning range of covers in different colours and sizes here on our website.  Whatever your décor – our cushions in white, pale pink, eucalyptus, pale tan, deep tan and coco – will look, and feel, great in your home.  We like to think of them as ‘sunset’ colours. We also expand our colour palette from time to time with colour variations such as blues and greens.  

Here's a heads up on sizes available... our square cushions are 45 x 45 cm, Lumbar cushions are 95 x 50 cm, European 60 x 60 cm and we also stock a Mini Lumbar 45 x 60 cm.  We have premium duck-down inners available to fill your cushions, but you can use your own if you prefer and we’d always suggest that you use fillers around 5cm larger than your cover which will help to keep them ‘plump’ and comfortable.


How do I take care of my Cactus Silk Cushions? 

Now you’re enjoying your beautiful new cushions in your home, you need to know how to take care of these delicate, hand-made pieces to keep them looking at their very best.  We’d always recommend the use of a fabric spray protector when your cushions arrive in your home and, if necessary, occasional dry-cleaning.  Please do not apply form of liquid to clean, or even spot-clean, your cushions – not even water - as this could affect the colour of the natural vegetable dyes and cause colour to run or even transfer to other materials.