About Us

MARR-KETT is based in beautiful Byron Bay, Australia and brings to you a wonderful, eclectic mix of worldly treasures from across the globe along with celebrating local artists and makers.

MARR-KETT was born from a sense of adventure, a love of travel, textiles and antiques and a constant hunger for the unusual, exotic and one-of-a-kind.

The name MARR-KETT originates from a love affair with Morocco spanning 19 years, in particular Marrakech and the excitement and vibrancy of market places, with both Rich and Sally growing up within family generations of market traders.  

As a child Sally grew up traveling across the world and would sit with her artist mother and grandmother reading tea leaves, painting and crafting. Her Romany Gypsy roots influencing her childhood and her milliner and tailor great grandparents influencing her future. After graduating with a 1st class honours degree in Fashion Design she won a Masters scholarship to the renowned St Martins College in London where she completed her studies in Fashion. Her work brought her to Australia in 2008 where she has resided ever since, now settled with her family.

Rich brings a colourful past (and present) and is a jack of most trades. His passion for travel lead him to live in Egypt, develop an Arabic tongue and front a traveling stunt show, becoming a Guinness World record holder (yes you read that correctly). Rich's knowledge of and love of antiques and the history of textiles is a big part of the business and one of his and Sallys many shared passions. Rich is  the main face in the shop and he loves to communiacte the history and the details of the rugs that are being sold.

Although the pair did not meet properly until much later in life on the other side of the world, surely their paths were meant to cross as they later found out that they had grown up on opposite sides of the same street, TWICE as young children in a tiny fishing town on the East coast of England.

The pair, who are partners in life as well as in business started their first venture dealing antiques as a side line alongside their very busy full time jobs, Sally a designer and Rich an engineer. Their keen eyes for design, carefully curated pieces and thoughtfully considered design spaces turned their tiny  business into a much bigger business and gave the couple a taste for working together. The Byron Bay shop was born at the same time as their daughter Ava. A shared idea and a combined love of Moroccan textiles and heritage planted the seed and even though the shop has grown and branched out considerably it still heavily focuses on, and specialises in, Moroccan rugs working to supply shoppers, retailers, interior designers and collectors alike on a world wide scale.