Palo Santo Sticks


Palo Santo, meaning "holy wood" comes from a sacred native tree of South America. We source our Palo Santo from Peru, where a family has been harvesting Palo Santo for over 500 years.

Palo Santo is spiritual purifying, energy cleansing, bringing love, good fortune and deeper connection to the Divine Source. Physical healing, removal of negative energy and calming the mind.

TO USE: Light the stick on one end and let it catch fire, burning for about 45 seconds. Blow out the flame and place in a fire safe dish to cleanse your space, as the smoke with spread gently. Alternatively you may walk around a space you would like to cleanse, moving the Palo Santo in circular motions.

The lit edge will eventually extinguish, and only burns in small increments. This allows you to use one stick multiple times.

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