This Is Incense

This is Incense Margaret River


“Forest and vines with a hint of sweet sea spray” 

Sandalwood and patchouli create a sensual and heady scent with a hint of fresh cedarwood and sweet mandarin. This scent will transport you to a beach paradise of forest and vines with a hint of sweet sea spray. 

Burn in the Takeawei ‘small incense holder’ - made specially to fit the handmade incense.

Ingredients - Sandalwood oil, Fragonia oil, Cedarwood oil, Clove Leaf oil, Patchouli oil, Mandarin Oil

    Quality Incense Handmade by This Is Incense Torquay, Victoria, Australia 

    • 60 sticks
    • 20 hour burn time
    • Incense holder sold separately 

    Care: Always burn supervised and keep out of reach of children. 

    Image shows the exact item. 

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